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38 Nyholt Dr, Yatala QLD 4207, Australia

We are a registered & licensed waste transfer station which functions as an efficient and cost effective method of receiving, sorting, consolidating it. We take your building & construction waste, filter it & recycle 80%. Only 1 in 5 tonnes of waste is put into land fill after we have finished with it.

Our transfer station utilises best practice environmental protection measures including littler and odour control and clean water management techniques.

Recycling Developments is a Gold Coast based environmentally and ethically conscious company. Our team see waste as an important resource that can be transformed into a multitude of useful products. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to turn waste into worth.

At Recycling Developments, over 90% of incoming waste is transformed into useful, cost effective, environmentally friendly products such as, soil, mulch, aggregate and recycled timber products.

Did you know that over 30 tonnes of waste is produced for every one tonne of product that reaches us as consumers? And that 98% of these products are either consumed or thrown away within six months? When you include the hidden impact of manufacturing, we each consume our own body weight in materials every two days.

Recycling Developments is working to reverse this trend. By reducing the quantity of materials that end up in landfill, we are helping South East Queensland improve its environmental performance.

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