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• Adequate access and egress is the responsibility of the hirer.

•These are heavy-duty vehicles  and, as such, once we are directed from a public  road, CCE will NOT be held liable for any property damages,

Including:  Driveways, kerbs, pavements, pipes, pits, trees, grass, etc.

•While we endeavour to place the skip bin in your preferred location, it is at the discretion of the driver to allow for sale removal of the skip bin.

•Once delivered, the skip bin may not be moved, by machinery or other means, and access must be maintained to allow the safe collection of the skip bin, Should this not be the case upon collection, a $80 futile fee may apply.

• Any skip bin relocations will also attract a fee to be discussed at the time of booking.

• Our skip bins are delivered in good condition. Once on hire (site), the safe keeping of the skip bin is the hirer’s responsibility.

•Any damages or defacing of the bin will be at the hirer’s expense. We will NOT negotiate with third parties to reclaim costs.

• No fires to be lit in the skip bin

• Should the waste he contaminated, the hirer will be liable for all separation and all extra costs.


• No batteries, tyres, paints, oils, foods, liquids including wet concrete, waffle pods, gas bottles, explosive, toxic, dangerous, hazardous ot noxious materials, including asbestos.

•The skip bin is NOT to be filled above the rim. There can be no items protruding from the tops or sides of the skip bin.

•All waste is to be contained well within the skip bins capacity, as per the Transport Operations Regulation 2005.

•CCE reserves the right to remove and leave behind any item above the rim or any of the prohibited items above.

• If the skip bin is overloaded and unsafe to load, we reserve the right under legislation to refuse removal.

•A futile pick up fee of $80 will apply and a new skip bin will be delivered at the hirer’s expense.

•CCE will arrange collection once the skip is safe to transport

•Any permits required for skip bin placement in the city, and Surrounding  kerbs or road is the responsibility of the hirer and any council fines also rest with the hirer.

•Any overweight surcharges received by CCE will then be billed to the hirer.

•Sufficient notice is to be given for cancellations  and charges to orders.


If you’re looking for rubbish skip hire, you need to be confident  that you can dispose of multiple waste types without penalty. CCE provide the right guidance, so you won’t get caught out and we don’t have to charge any heavy weight surcharges.

As a rough guide, the following items are all allowable in the CCT skip bins,

Construction resources: including metal, steel, tiles, bricks, tiles, aluminium and gypsum board.

Old Furniture: Lounges, tables and chairs, beds or home office furniture.

General household waste: toys, books, bokes and any other general waste items.

Electronic equipment:  including televisions, computers and laptops, stereos

Green waste: Thus includes the  typical grass clippings.

Please Note: For soil, tree branches, stamps, etc. We may have an alternative bin hire option. Please advise the operator when placing your order if you need a bin for any soil, tree branches, stumps, etc

It is important to remember for the safety of the CCE team and the environment that certain materials are NOT permitted in the Bins.

These Include:  Chemicals, paints, foods, batteries, tyres, oils, liquids including wet concrete, waffle pods, gas bottles, explosives, toxic, dangerous, hazardous  or, noxious materials.

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